My Story

While attending a conference in Oregon in 2007, Rose Volpe came across a flyer about a trip to see a healer in Brazil referred to ans John of God.  She felt very drawn to what she read and decided to experience it firsthand.  Many visitors to the Casa claim to have experienced full healings from the  work being done through the Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria (John of God).

In 1991 Joao (John of God) traveled to Peru and worked on over 20,000 people including the President who suffered with atrophy of the hands and his son had mental disorder.  In gratitude he was awarded a Peruvian medal of honor.  He has treated Shirley Maclaine and the author and spiritual teacher Ram Dass.  He travels on his days off to other parts of Brazil and may treat tens of thousands of people at a time.  He also makes an annnual visit to the popular Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, where thousands travel across the country to experience his healing abilities.

Volpe had been suffering Crone’s Disease most of her life and had undergone surgery and procedures that left her feeling energetically and physically depleted.  Her trip the Casade Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Brazil lasted 10 days and opened her to new experiences with the renowned healer.

Volpe’s time in Brazil led her to feeling more fully healed.  “I came home after the healing and was able to eat things I had not been able to eat in years.  I could have dairy again and proteins like meat.  I was also able to eat spicy hot foods again.  I could tell my food was digesting better.”

One thing she noticed on her trips to the Casa was the use of crystal beds.  Volpe had been interested in the healing and energetic connection of minerals/crystal.  The beds were used at the Casa  to cleanse, balance and clear the energetic system of the body.  (Also known as chakras)

The client lies fully clothed on a massage table while gentle music plays near by.  Crystals are suspended over the individual while energy and light is positioned over each of the corresponding chakras.  The process uses vibration, light color, sound and intention to assist individuals with their own desire to heal.

After experiencing the healing energy of the crystal bed, Volpe knew she could share the same beneficial healing energy with others.  Volpe’s goal is “to reach as many people as possible with the John of God crystal bed so they can attain a balance of mind, body and spirit”