John of God – His Story

There are people who can tap into a source of entities and are considered gifts to humanity. One such person is Joao Teixeira de Faria, fondly known as” John of God”, a healer and medium known throughout the world. John of God allows “spirit doctors” to take over his body three times a week for two sessions a day, to miraculously treat thousands of people who flock to the center in need of healing on a physical, mental and/or spiritual level;  a process known as incorporation.  He has been helping people for over fifty years at Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola; which is centered over a natural vortex formed by a quartz crystal bedrock beneath the surface, in the city of Abadiania, in the State Goias, Brazil.

Joao Texieira de Faria, was born in the village of Cachoeira da Fumaca, in the State of Goias, Brazil. He was born to Jose Nunes de Faria, know as Juca Faria, a tailor and Francisca Teixeira Damos, known as Dona Iuca, and has four borthers, Americano, Jose, Francisco, Abilio and one sister, America.

Joao started at 6 years old learning the trade of his father; later tended cattle and livestock, worked in a brick factory as a bricklay, was a well digger and various other jobs of hard manual labor. Even as a young child he displayed experiences of “flying”( a term used by spiritulists)-clairvoyant experiences that allowed him to accurately prophesize events. He would walk into fields with the villagers and point to roots and plants that would heal their ailments. At 9 years of old, he had a premonition of a huge storm that would be coming and pointed out the homes, including his brother’s, that the thunderstorm would blow down. This thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere and damaged or destryed about 40 out of the 150 dwellings in the village.

At 16 years of age , in Campo Grande, he met a beautiful young woman by the water’s edge, and they spent a memorable afternoon in conversation.  She told him to go to the Spiritist Center of Christ the Redeemer, “…where the director of the center has been told of your coming and is expecting your arrival.” Joao later realized that this beautiful woman was the spirit of St Rita de Cascia. She communicated to him that day “…To Love and believe in a higher being, which is God.  I have always been a devout follower of Saint Rita of Cascia. She communicated to me at the founder length that day as a brilliant shaft of light, and I was guided on many spiritual matters.” (Cummmings, H, & Leffler, K, 2007)

At the moment of his arrival at the Center, Joao fainted and when he returned to consciousness, he was told that he  had incorporated the Entity King Solomon and had cured fifty people in the congregation. Joao was baffled and confused but the director explained that an Entity of Light known as King Solomon had asked Joao to return again at 2:00pm the following day to resume the work. Not having any understanding of either medicine or the spirit world, Joao was nervous  as he could not explain what had happened the previous day, he was actually terrified of the unknown expectations of the coming day. Joao once again incorporated as King Solomon and began the work of healing the sick. This was then followed over the next few months with an intense period of spiritual instruction and guidance by the Entities. He began being called Medium Joao and had finally found his true purpose in live to serve God and humanity.

While practicing his work of healing the sick during the early years, Medium  Joao was persecuted by members of the medical and religious establishments, as they were threatened by his presence in their towns. He was arrested, and accused of practicing clandestine medicine and therefore constantly pursued by the authorities. One day as word of his gift spread, he incorporated an Entity who operated on the wounded leg of a doctor, which was healed immediately and led him to becoming the spiritual healer for the military and civil authorities. This protected him from persecution and he was allowed to travel extensively throughout Brazil with the army.  Joao is an intelligent and astute businessman.  Llacking formal education, (he cannot even write a check) he became a cattle farmer and a miner who has invested wisely.   Medium Joao’s mentor Francisco “Chico” Candido Xavier, a prolific writer on psychic subjects, received a psychographic (channeled through the written word) message by the spirit of Bezerra de Menezes, to establish a center in the township of Abadiania., who acted as an intercessor to create a guarantee and accord with the Medical Association of Goias and allowance for Joao to practice his spiritual work in Abadiania.

Today at the Casa, thousands of people travel from all over the world to seek his help and comfort. They come from all walks of life and have all sorts of ailments, and many have been declared terminal or incurable. The spiritual work done there is based on the principles of Spiritism: a doctrine that carefully examines the relationship between the physical and non physical realities. Physical beings constitute the visible or incarnate world, while non physical beings constitute the spirit world. Entities are highly evolved, discarnate spirits who reach down from the spiritual world to relieve suffering. Some of the Entities that enter Joao de Deus are St Ignatus of Loyala (1491-1556), for which the Casa is named after; St Ignatius has always incororated every year on the anniversary of his death-July 31st; his energy is so strong, it contains so much light and energy, that he limits his presence to twenty minutes, not to over stress Medium Joao’s body with high-frequency vibrations. Dr Augusto de Almeida (1908) a military doctor who is dedicated to alleviating pain and suffering, is one of the most frequently incorporated Entities at the Casa and Joao said “…who oversees all of my surgeries for which I am extremely grateful.” Also he stated:

Dom Inacio is the light that comes through. Faith and concentration moves the energy to bring through the light. Dom Inacio oversees all the surgeries that take place at the Casa. He oversees and protects everything. You (indicating all those present) make a circle of concentration through current that brings in the light for the practice of good. To make a circle of light for the practice of good is easy. (Cummings, H, & Leffler, K, 2007).

Other entities are St Francis Xavier (1506-1552) the Apostle of the Indies, King Solomon (10th century B.C.) the tenth son of King David and Bathsheba, Saint Rita of Cascia (1381-1457) the Saint of the Impossible, Dr Bezerra de Menezes )1831-1900) a medical doctor and Spiritualist, Dr Oswaldo Cruz (1872-1917) a medical doctor who founded the Federal Serotherapy Institute, aka/Oswaldo Cruz Institute which produced vaccines against bubonic plague, yellow fever, and smallpox. Dr Jose Valdivino, legal judge and protector of families, Andre Luz (early 2000), medical doctor and author Nosso Lar: A Spritual Home, Sister Sheila, a nurse in World War II (gives off a strong scent of roses when present), Eripides Barsanulfo (1880-1918) politician, journalist, and educator, Francisco “Chico” Candido Xavier (1910-2002) mentor and beloved friend to Joao de Deus, medium-psychography channeling-20th century writer on Brazil’s Kardecist Spiritist movement, Emmanual, spiritul guide Chico Xavier, Allan Kardec (1804-1896) Spiritist author of Le Livre des Esprits, and othe highly, evolved discarnate spirits who aid in the spiritual work done at the Casa. With each incarnation, Joao’s physical features and presence change accordingly to the Entity’s presence.

As I enter the Casa gates, the energy is self evident.  As one head’s for the Great Hall, I entered a greeting room where lines are organized to meet the Entity and physical surgeries are performed. I have witnessed physical surgeries without any anesthesia such as, incisions on people-many tumors, cancerous and noncancerous, are removed this way; and all other types of cancer, hepatitis B, Parkinson’s disease, polio, brain tumors, deafness, and the list can go on and on and on. There is a room full of crutches, braces and glasses from the prior surgeries that have been left by people who no longer needed them. Hemostats placed up people’s noses without any significant pain or bleeding, and no sign of infection ever caused by any of his spiritual healing operations. The one operation that encompasses many is the eye operation (Johnson S., 2003).

The Entity (Dr. Jose Valdivino) called for his instruments again. I opened the special drawer and carefully removed the tray and took the instrument tray to him. He chose a paring knife, a regular kitchen serrated-edged knife. He passed his hand over the man’s eye and told him to relax. He opened the eye wide and pressed down hard and scraped. “See here it is” He said, as he wiped the knife on the man’s shirt. I could see a dark sliver. I knew, beyond a shadow doubt, after seeing so many of these operations that the sliver was not a foreign object being removed, but rather something from deep inside that only the Entities can see. The Entity looks into the eye as a representation of the whole system and is not limited to the physical body. I understand this as a symbolic removal on a physical level, but originating from many levels and involving many different organs.  Joao said “O filbo esta curado pode levar” (The son is healed you can take him back to the infirmary) as he wrote the post-op prescription. (Cummings, H, & Leffler, K, 2007).

There are 2 current rooms, the first room is often referred to as medium school, where participants learn to enhance their abilities to channel the light and hold the space for themselves and others as they receive and give energy. This room is like a spiritual washing machine everyone is bathed in light as they pass through, one’s energetic field cleansed on all levels as you begin to attune to the high frequency of the current. The second is the Entity’s current room, as a person passes before he Entity and is scanned by the spirits who will perform the healing; each person is viewed as a hologram that sees him as energy. This gives the Entity instant access to every aspect of the person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual history, because illness is first a dis-ease of the spirit. The Entity may prescribe herbs (spiritual energy aligned to the person’s energy in passiflora flower), and invite you to stay in this 2nd current room, send you to the 1st current room, recommend a trip to the sacred waterfall, take a session on the crystal bed, or prepare you for surgery.

Water is one of the primary elements that makes up the body, detoxifies, and nourishes the body. The Casa water has been energetically enhanced by the Entities to help us heal. This is part of the protocol while we are in Abadiania and also at home. There have been noted healings with people who have recovered from illness with the blessed water. I love the soup that is offered during the break between each session. It has been energetically charged by the Entities and I usually eat at least 3 bows a day while I am there.

With Permission, and only for the highest good, the Entities begin the healing process on all levels, it is through one’s willingness to trust and surrender that we heal. We must take responsibility for our actions. Many strange things have occurred, so I believe all things are possible that are in Divine accordance to a person’s healing. After surgery and when taking herbs, there are dietary guidelines one must follow, abstinence from chili peppers, alcohol, pork, and black pepper. For first surgeries a 40 day rest period is needed without strenuous exercise e.g., running, yoga, weight lifting, or fast walking and abstinence from any heightening of physical energy e.g., sexual intercourse as vital energy is needed in order to heal or internal sutures maybe undone. (40 days first surgery-8 days thereafter)

The extraordinary abilities and dedication of Medium Joao and the phalange of compassionate spirits he incorporates have been scientifically tested and studied. (Pellegrino-Estrich R 2002) Today there have been television documentaries, media presentations, and books written to bring awareness of this miraculous phenomenon to millions.

“I am the happiest man in the world because God entrusted me with this Mission” (Cummings, H, & Leffler, K, 2007). There is no charge to come to see John of God and receive these healings, they are his gift given freely, promised by him to the Entities that he will never charge for his services, The Casa gratefully accepts donations.